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Take the Kids for a Day of Play at Chikka Plaza

When cold weather hits, trips to the playground and pool aren’t going to be in your arsenal to exhaust your busy toddlers. Luckily, Chikka Plaza can be the play space of your kid’s dreams, all while they learn and develop new skills and work toward school readiness.

Chikka Plaza is a bilingual learning playhouse that focuses on fun activities that build Spanish vocabulary. The native Spanish speaking teachers work with children during story time, crafting, and other activities for a uniquely educational experience. Studies have shown that children absorb language much better than adults, so what better time to start incorporating a bit of Spanish into your child’s vocabulary than now? Chikka Plaza is geared toward children ages 1 through 5, and is a clean, safe place to get them started on their language journey. They also have birthday party packages complete with all the food and décor for a very-reasonable per person price. Check out their website for fiesta packages, and to see the daily calendar of activities to see what type of fun your little ones can get into at Chikka Plaza.

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