Spend a Sunny Summer Day at Stone Zoo in Stoneham

Grizzly bear

From the “Caribbean Coast” to the “Himalayan Highlands,” Stone Zoo takes guests on an international tour via its collection of animal habitats. Start your global tour at the Caribbean Coast, where flamingos stretch their long legs, bush dogs roam, and budding musicians play percussion instruments along Calypso Trail.

Next, head to the Himalayan Highlands, where you’ll meet a majestic snow leopard, see massive yaks, and encounter black-necked cranes crowned with bright spots of scarlet. Other habitats scattered throughout the zoo include the Treasures of the Sierra Madre with cougars and jaguars, the Treetops and Riverbeds exhibit with friendly otters and monkeys, and the Yukon Creek with black bears and lynxes. You can map out a route carefully to make sure you see every habitat or simply enjoy wandering around Stone Zoo and catch the creatures as you go.