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Practice Yoga in a Minimal Space at One Powered Yoga

If you look behind the dentist’s office, pizza place, and dry cleaners on Main Street in Reading, you’ll find One Powered Yoga. Formerly known as Soul Powered, this hot yoga studio features a clean, minimalist space and an intense focus on individual development.

For Julie Wetherbee, the owner and head instructor (along with the rest of her team), yoga should be more than just a lifestyle choice or a fitness regimen. For the folks at One Powered, yoga should be a practice that allows you to be one with your body and mind (hence the studio’s name). Regularly scheduled classes in the Bikram-style heated room range from vinyasa to strength-training, and from beginner to advanced levels. For first-time visitors, the happy hour power hour and community sessions can be a great way to start, as these sessions allow drop-ins at a cost of only $10 (cash only). Memberships start at $170 per month.