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Move Your Feet to the Beat at Kadanse Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio

"Ka danse" simply means "can dance," so it’s the perfect name for Kadanse Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio. After all, their instructors firmly believe that everyone can dance beautifully with the proper guidance — two left feet are nothing but a challenge to overcome. So even if you don’t consider yourself particularly coordinated, you’re welcome to come and hone your moves.

Kadanse offers private, semi-private, and group classes, so you can choose whatever level of instruction works best for you. If you want to check out the group classes, start at the Beginner Ballroom sessions on Mondays. The style of dance changes every month (currently, it’s the Foxtrot). Want to torch some extra calories while you dance? Come to Zumba/Cardio Dance on Thursdays. Kadanse also hosts a monthly dance where you can show off your skills in a casual setting. Your $15 entry fee includes a dance lesson and time to hit the floor free-style.