Explore Another World at MindTrek VR Woburn

virtual reality

MindTrek VR Woburn offers a unique gaming opportunity unlike anything else: you’ll strap on your virtual reality goggles, pick up your equipment, and head into an arena where you could face anything from space invaders to zombies as you visit fantasy galaxies, explore the jungle, discover ancient tombs, and more. 

Of course, in reality you and the other players are standing, walking, and running through an empty room, but thanks to your virtual reality gear, you experience it as if you have truly entered another world. Intrigued, but not sure the virtual reality experience is for you? No problem; MindTrek VR also hosts a gaming lounge, where you’ll find more traditional e-sports that allow you to compete and cooperate with your friends on traditional PC systems or gaming consoles. MindTrek is also available for birthday parties and other events, so keep this place in mind next time you’re looking for a unique activity for family and friends.